Friday, May 22, 2009

A few words about us

Would you say to us that we are crazy, if we told you, that you can buy a house for as low as $1 USD?

Well, you may be right, but that’s the crazy concept behind COINMAD that dates back in 2006. Upon reading an article in a news magazine, about a man who managed to accomplish a series of trades with other persons around the world, offering as a start his Red Paper Clip for other items and in the end managing to own a house (!), we thought… “hey, why not being able to do this with money instead of a Paper Clip?”

So, the idea kind of started as a procedure of finding a way to be able to offer a certain amount of money and wait for other people to make offers to you in order to get your money, but without having in mind something that you want in return; instead, have the other persons do it for you! And you never know, you may be receiving offers of items or services that you have never even imagined! Like a different way of spending your money. With the power of the internet, this idea could create an explosion!

Especially for the smaller amounts of money, like $1-2 USD there are not so many things, someone can do or buy nowadays – with our website such small amounts could generate a different dynamic…

Why it took us 3 years to make this web site? First of all, it was very difficult to convert our idea to an appropriate form that could work well for both sides. The people making offers and the people offering their money, or Coins if you prefer. The second issue concerned the language. We are from Greece but we didn’t want to restrict the web site to the Greek people only, as this is the real power of CoinMad. The power of your money with the potential to “advertize” them globally! After “taking care” of these issues, putting in a great deal of effort, time and money, we are proud with what you see today as

We are optimistic that our web site will help a lot of people invest their money in a better way, getting them to find great offers and make great deals, without having to think all the time about what they can do with their money, but have other people do it for them. CoinMad also works great for individual people or professionals who might want to make some money. By following the principle that something un-useful for you can be really useful for another person, they could get money by offering items that are cost-free or low-cost for them or by providing services that they have access to, to other users.

Our motto is: “Any money can be no little for your offer and any offer can attract any money, as long as you are willing to try Coin’ Mad.” :)

By the CoinMad Team, Athens 2009

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Interesting!! Looking forward to try the service. I mainly have a few spare items I'll try to sell. See ya!

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