Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Stores On Coinmad

The following affiliate partner stores are now selling their products through Coinmad too!

Om Tibetan Jewelry has been in business since 2001. They bring to their customers unique jewelry from Tibet and Nepal at a reasonable price. They also strive to continuously update their site and post new jewelry pieces every week!

The Tibetan jewelry is made from Tibetan silver, or sterling silver material, and each bracelet, ring, and necklace on our site, is handmade.

Bill Bam's Collectibles, helps you find many fine toys, plush and limited edition collectibles. All of the items are new in their original packaging unless specifically described otherwise in the item description. Bill Bam's Collectibles is a family run business geared towards providing the customer the best and fastest service, at reasonable prices.

Boulevard Movies is your destination for hard-to-find horror movies, cult classics, sci-fi, exploitation and arthouse films. Our DVD selection also include Blu-ray discs. Now you can experience the gore and terror in all it's high-definition glory!!

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